Let the Music Speak CD

Let the Music Speak CD

1. The Way I Feel For You (feat. Geof Bradfield)

Forgive me if you can’t understand
It’s not easy to break the band
Holding my feelings in by their origin
An unused heart, an unused heart

Petrifyin’ to admit this is real
No more lyin’—
Head and heart have made a deal
I’m flyin’ high and free
Fueled by the majesty
My soarin’ soul letting go

For all the words I know
And every book I’ve read
I need a new language
To explain what needs to be said

The way I feel for you
Clear, deep, so true
One thing in my life that I know is all right
The way I feel for you

Now all I want is to love you
You’ve been let down before,
I’ve been there too
I’d never, never hurt you
I just want to alert you
To what my patient heart
Knew from the start

The magic of time
Sets straight a frightened mind
The beauty of the truth beamin’ through
With the brightest love for you

2. Gone (feat. Neal Alger)

Lately I’ve been goin’ through hell
Acting out motions not doin’ too well
Each day when I wake ’til I sleep
Fills with mem’ries of two

So happy together no cares in the world
Knowing for certain that I was your girl
You asked “do you love me as I love you?”
I wouldn’t say

You closed the door deserving more
You’ll never know I love you so

The years’ll go by and I’ll live for today
Remembering sweetly, it’s better that way
Right now I’m cryin’, I’m dyin’ inside always
How long will I pay?

You waited patiently
I’m afraid I was afraid to see
Possibility, vuln’rability
Of loving endlessly, endlessly—


3. Lonely People (feat. Delfeayo Marsalis)

Lonely people
Yous and Is
We lie a smile
And reach for skies

Helpless drowning
They don’t see
Of selfish artistry

Below the surface swimming neatly
Schools of sadness giving in completely

We’re lonely people
Always finding
But never reaching shore

Below the surface swimming neatly
Schools of sadness giving in completely

The very thing that lets us be
Is the very thing that will not let us free

We’re lonely people


4. Saving Song

Beautiful sweetheart
You were off to a good start
You have flashbacks of crayons
Punching bags, backyard sands

Like a little one should be
Changing tune while you bloomed
Was a prelude to what would ensue

Creations starved so paper-thin
They slip right through the cracks
Sensations stuffed into a box
Of empty don’t-do-thats

And now the living chimera
Is no longer a dear one
Stowing glee stoically
Secretly, in spots where no one sees

Serenading absentee
Imbibing in ignorant bliss
A miracle of alchemy
Sheer strength from pure cowardice

Breaking the bind of a lifetime-long chain’s
Links of rejections and pains
Weaknesses, wrongs
As she starts to sing a saving song

Saving song
Saving song

5. Rock Me (feat. Neal Alger)

Rock me gently
Rock me slow
I don’t wanna know my name

Rock me sweetly
Rock me good
I know that we should not be doing this
Oh no

But—the road ahead is long
The one behind is gone
Let’s make the most of here and now,
Here and now
You don’t belong to me

Oh—the road ahead is long
The one behind is gone
Let’s make the most of here and now

You don’t belong to me

6. Daddy Black Widow (Dance of Death) (feat. Steve Eisen)

If I had a chance
to dance the dance of death with you
A sensual spin, no one wins,
and someone will lose
If I had a day to twirl away in your embrace
Thoughts of the past, what won’t last
My mind could erase
Then I’d say, “Shall we?”

If I won the fight to spend a night in your arms
A place so rare, in place of your airs
The guise of your false charms
Then I’d pray hard for me

‘Cause I know that I should stay away
I tell myself that every day
You chew me up, spit me out so
You sate my sensibilities
You bring me beggin’ to my knees
Please poison me so I may please
My daddy black widow

If I looked away when you betray
the feelings inside
To not know what I know
that you know that I know
It’s easier to hide
If I had a chance
to dance the dance of death with you
To be sweetly filled,
then be killed by what is painfully true
Then I’d lie to me, sayin’ this could be

Oh love is love no less no more
Sometimes it must go unadorned
Unresolved inside a heart
Or tear the one who cares apart

7. Come Back (feat. Neal Alger)

Many a moon come and gone
Since I felt like I belong
A setting sun had begun
To freeze me still

There is a time and a place
Where my pulse is lost in space
Leavin’ me here alone to peer
Out my soul’s windowsill

I look at the starlit night
And wonder where is my light
That seems to have taken flight
Far away

Come back
Come back to me

8. Nadia

Nadia, Nadia
I’m happy you’re free
Nadia, Nadia
But I wish you were here with me
You can run now, and play
And have fun now
But I wish you were here with me

When you came, a baby girl
A breath of beauty to the world
Dark thoughts, a brief halt
Newness unfurled

Tiny hand around my finger
Innocence, a moment linger
You could be most anything
Future dreams, imaginings

All the knowledge, love, and prayers
Didn’t work to keep you here
Old soul, time for you to go
A journey short, so dear

The saddest thing I’ve ever known
Is parents burying their own
Hand of fate rips from their arms
Joy and Hope, left all alone

I wish you were here with me
With me
Here with me


9. I Am Changin’

Runnin’ around, tryin’ to down the situation
Lost in a crowd, hoping to cloud the inspiration
Goin’ too fast, stuck on the past—
A lifetime burnin’
Don’t know what to do, afraid to move
Afraid of yearning

Sometimes I don’t know what I want
Can’t get what I need

Feeding on fear, from anger too near—
And disappointment
Unable to try and fully rely
On what my heart meant
Livin’ in pain, nothin’ to gain—
A small existence
Something inside would no longer hide
My soul’s purpose

Sometimes I don’t know what I want
Can’t get what I need
But I know there’s no goin’ back
To what I used to be

I am changin’, every way now
Bit by bit the old is gone
Still the same and yet a stirring
As I learn a brand new song
I am changin’, every day now
Growin’ stronger sun to sun
A little older, a lot wiser
The best is to come

Feelin’ the pull to ways of old
Can be so overwhelming
I’ll step ahead, I’ll push through dread
I’m not givin’ up

Changin’, changin’, changin’…

Words and music by Sabina, arrangements by Ryan Cohan on Tracks 1-6. Words, music, and arrangement by Sabina on Track 7. Words and music by Sabina, arrangement by Lorin Cohen and Sabina on Track 8. Words by Sabina, music and arrangement by Lorin Cohen and Sabina on Track 9.